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Finding Hidden Issues

Keen to find out if there are any hidden faults on the site of your new commercial property? At Restore All QLD in Kingaroy, we provide thermal building inspections using state-of-the-art thermography to find any concealed problems on your property.

Thermography, or infrared imaging, is a non-invasive technology that can be used to detect potential problem areas on a property before they cause significant damage. By identifying these potential problems, we can help you avoid repairs and other costly maintenance processes.

The process involves using an infrared camera to take precise temperature measurements of your site. These measurements are then converted into a detailed thermal map which can be used to identify problematic areas.

Benefits of

Thermography is an important tool in detecting potential problems on your property because it can identify areas that are warmer or cooler than they should be. This can indicate issues such as leaks, missing insulation, moisture intrusion or even structural problems. There are many benefits to using thermal imagery to inspect your property including:

We offer thermography in in Kingaroy and throughout Queensland including Gympie, the Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Western Downs, Toowoomba, South Burnett and surrounding areas. Book a service today on (07) 4162 8141.

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