Providing Mould Testing in Queensland

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Why Test For Mould?

At Restore All QLD, we provide mould testing services at properties in Kingaroy and throughout Queensland including Gympie, the Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Western Downs, Toowoomba and South Burnett.

Once you’ve identified mould on your property, you need to go about remediating it and removing the source of it from your site. If you have noticed any of the following on your property, you should get your site tested your site for mould:

How Does It Work?

Mould testing can be done by surface sampling and air quality testing:

Identifying the type of mould you have present on your property can save you valuable time and money in the remediation process. For a free mould testing quote, get in touch on (07) 4162 8141.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Mould gives off toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC) whether it is alive or dead.

Yes! As mould still gives off VOCs even when it is dead, the only real way to make a building/house safe is via source removal.

People often think they can tackle mould problems on their own. However, this usually has the opposite effect and spreads the mould problem with dangerous side effects. Therefore, it is always recommended to seek professional help and call for mould removal services.

In addition, make sure you NEVER:

  • Disturb mould colonies after you have located them as air motion can send millions of viable spores into the air and cross-contaminate the rest of the room or structure
  • Tear out mouldy building materials without proper hazard inspection
  • Try to kill mould with bleach or fungicides as it does not remove the toxins from the air. A dead spore will continue to give off toxins until it is removed
  • Seal or paint areas affected by mould. Sealing and painting over mould does not kill the mould or remove the toxins. It is only an aesthetic fix while poor health symptoms will continue

Once the remediation process is completed and a clearance certificate has been issued, you are able to move back in the next day. Both pets and small children are fine to occupy the space. The actual duration of the remediation can span from a few days to several weeks depending on the extent of the contamination and size of the property.

Yes, R.A.Q has extensive experience with decontaminating cars, RV’s, caravans and boats.