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We’ll Remove All Aspects of Contamination

Methamphetamine is a growing problem in Australia. As the number of meth labs across the country continues to increase, so too does the need for reliable and effective meth remediation services. Past owners or tenants of your property may have used the space to produce methamphetamine and left significant meth residue behind. It can be hard to tell whether your property is contaminated with meth as the residue is invisible and produces a very faint chemical-like smell.

At Restore All QLD, we have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of meth contamination on small-scale domestic properties and large commercial sites. We are formally trained and apply the Australian Government’s Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines during cleanups. Based in Kingaroy, we tackle meth cleaning projects all over Queensland including Gympie, the Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Western Downs, Toowoomba, South Burnett and surrounds.

Confidential Cleaning Services

No matter the size or scope of the problem, our team of highly trained and experienced professionals will work quickly to clean any meth residue from your site and restore it to a safe and habitable condition. We understand the importance of discretion and privacy when it comes to meth contamination, so you can be assured that your property will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

If you suspect that your property may be contaminated with meth, don’t delay seeking professional help. Get in touch with Restore All QLD today on (07) 4162 8141.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our technicians are formally trained in meth decontamination and we are fully insured to undertake this work.

If you know or suspect that your property is contaminated with meth, the first step is to have your suspicions confirmed with a test. There are a few different options for testing and we will recommend the best one for your unique situation. Should your property return a positive test, we will then discuss the remediation phase. Once the remediation has taken place, a validation test is conducted to confirm that the remediation was successful.

No. We recommend where possible that the validation testing be performed by a suitably qualified independent tester.

Once the remediation process is completed and a clearance certificate has been issued, you are able to move back in the next day. Both pets and small children are fine to occupy the space. The actual duration of the remediation can span from a few days to several weeks depending on the extent of the contamination and size of the property.

Yes, R.A.Q has extensive experience with decontaminating cars, RV’s, caravans and boats.